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Can you ....? - With these words, customers often addresses to us for help in unusual situations. There is a rule for such cases in the Bureau Pelican : never say" No ". Desperate situations does not exist, isn't it? So, we can find different solutions and offer them to the customer. And the proof is the stories from our practice, few of them are connected with motor racing.

                                    Caution: racing car!     

The travel agencies can tell a lot about your city unexpectedly, and events, which involves its residents. Once we found out that the students of the Tyumen university themselves make race cars, practise, and then take part in youth competitions, which take place in different corners of the world.

We have received a request from this creative team: we need to transport a racing car to Europe. Moreover, it is not just a transportation of a car! The car is a delacate thing, it is equipped with electronics that requires careful handling. There are restrictions on the level of "fluctuations" (in other words - shaking) that can be allowed in transportation.

In addition to technical restrictions was still a number of requirements: terms of shipping, customs registration, gentle unloading it at that point, where the participants will arrive (and they have their own limits: on visas, schedule training, etc.).

Loading the ship in the port of Basra, Iraq

We cover all the details and considered various options: ferry transportation, railways and even order a separate charter for the car. (By the way, a charter with the amount of luggage we could not find). In the end, the car went by road.

Later, on the racetrack, "Forumala-1" in Sochi, we knew that the delivery by highway transportation is the most common way to transport cars. There are special rooms for trucks that transport the racing car on the racetrack, it is the holy of holies of the mechanics and racers. Here, for a day or two before the races there is unloading, fitting, checkouting of mechanisms.

... Tyumen team racers performed well on those competitions. We sincerely were cheering for them and since then always happy when we know about their success.

We are always happy when we can help our customers. They easily devote their time for their important business, and we provide logistics. Professionally.

When the track team is on the racetrack and wins back a second, at this time, our manager is also not sitting idle

Who will feed the riders in England?


Adults, as you know are the big kids, and growing up, the most persistent of them manage to realize their childhood dreams. In different cities of Russia the community of grown boys, who carried out his dream and become racers. They have motorbikes, which are sent to the travel; snowmobiles, to conquer the mountain tops; car racing for conquests in races.

Once we have provided services for a such team in England. Visas, tickets, booking hotel there everything is a usual thing for us. And then we received a request: can someone help with the staff?

It turned out, the team is looking for a chef .... Sportsmen should be well-balanced nutrition, and training camp is located far from the city, the necessary infrastructure is not there. We decided to entrust all to Russian-speaking chef not to lose any sleep over buying high-quality products and creating the menu.

So that way becomes the champions

The problem was not too difficult for us becouse the Bureau Pelican has partners all over the world. We found several candidates, the team choose the most suitable to it. As it turned out, it was a good choice - the cook fed compatriots perfectly.

But the search for a cook for our travelers in Europe is just one example. We often get requests for service personnel as there  babysitting, shopping stylists, photographers, translators, guides, coaches of yoga or any kind of sport is necessary ... Finding the right specialist is just our job. Contact our agency!